Keen advancement with our Products

Our products are professionally developed using all of the most contemporary miners and other sorts of equipment to accomplish quality checks and client satisfaction.

Granite Blocks

Fortune Stones Limited maintains a high level of quality by concentrating on high-quality raw materials, block size optimization, and a variety of other aspects. We manufactured various Granite Blocks such as Red Cutter grade blocks, Red Mini Blocks, Red Gangsaw Size Blocks, Kunal Red Granite, Sandstone, etc. At FSL, Granite Blocks is exported globally due to its excellent durability & resistance, and reasonable, concrete design, & long life.

Fortune Red Cutter
Size Blocks–Grade “A”, “B” & “C”

Fortune Red Mini Blocks

Fortune Red Gangsaw
Size Blocks

Kunal Red Granite


Granite Slabs

Fortune Stones has developed some unique Granite Slabs like Long Slabs, Short Slabs, Project Size Slabs, Mini-Gangsaw, Gnagsaw, Varied Thickness Slabs, All Sides Polished Slabs, Flamed Slabs, and Sand Blasting. Our granite slabs have a sturdy appearance, are weather resistant, have high toughness, are erosion resistant, etc. The excellent quality granite slabs define our high production & FSL.

Long Slabs

Short Slabs

Project Size Slabs



Varied Thickness Slabs
Ranging From
2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 6cm & 10cm

All Sides Polished Slabs

Flamed Slabs

Sand Blasting