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Sustaina bility

about"Sensitivity to environment and to minimize or prevent harmful mining effects are prime concerns for us at Fortune Stones. We constantly strive to find solutions in consultancy with government and community recommendations. For over 20 years now Fortune has been a name for meaningful welfare driven initiatives. Our vision is to develope the area around mines and make them sustainable on their own in terms of healthcare, education and social upliftment. Every year in partnership with the Government we facilitate planting of trees equivalent to three times our mining area.."

Keeping our vision in mind we have recently thru Kunal Educational Society initiated to start a high school with boarding facilities. The school will support world class amenities and technology along with up-to-date sports arena that can also be made available to surrounding community.

Although we our are mining on only 29 Hect. of land, as per our sanctioned leases, in association with the local Forest Dept., We have also done substantial plantation on 125 Hect. of land in the year 2008 and the results of that are for all to see now as this has become a lush green area.