About The Company

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Fortune Stones Limited

Fortune Stones limited is your trusted sourcing partners for high quality red granite in the forms of blocks and slabs of any desired dimensions and surface finishes exporting around the globe. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a wide selection of granite for monuments, memorials, houses, etc. Our customers incessantly procure from us as they appreciate the high-quality products and services that we offer.

A Significant Producer of Red Granite

We are the first joint venture company of the MP State Mining Corporation, Bhopal (MPSMCL). Having a yearly production capacity of approximately 60,000 cubic meters from the flagship mines near Khajuraho, Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, we are one of the major producers of red granite in Northern India. Our processing plant is in the near vicinity of the mines, with our Cutting and finishing machinery delivering high quality finished products. Proximity of the processing plant to our mines ensures continuity of supplies of slabs for large projects.

25 Years of Success

The company has been delivering exceptional quality for the last 25 years under the brand name Fortune Red. Continuous supplies over the last 25 years gives us a distinct character in markets, and our brand is well-known in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bulgaria.

We are the trusted choice for consumers due to our ability to continuously deliver high-quality products. We have established the state of Madhya Pradesh on the Indian granite map by exporting our products to many countries.