Message from the MD

Mr. Nivedan Bharadwaj

Managing Director

Dear Visitor,

We feel that a company that is just oriented on profit is unsustainable or can't be successful. It must be an activity that brings success and fortune to all people directly or indirectly involved with it. Profit is only a by-product of how successfully we do & operate our commercial activities.

Our goal is to give our esteemed clients the most excellent quality products. We also try to provide the highest expected working environment for our workers and maintain our facilities and procedures as environmentally friendly as possible.

Business, in my opinion, is a key enabler of social progress. Communities in Kathera, Chattarpur, and other regions of Madhya Pradesh have already benefited from our long-standing approach to inclusive growth. Our CSR initiatives have benefited the physical, social, and economic well-being of the Society via a variety of community programs, ranging from community-based health treatments for women and girls to village education development.

Going ahead, we will continue to meet the expectations and demands of our broad range of stakeholders and community in a consistent manner. We strive to improve our efforts by focusing on creativity and impact as we look ahead to the continuance of programs to serve the citizens of our operational areas. By doing so, we will be able to produce long-term value for society at large while also establishing the nation of our dreams.

Thank You.