Worldwide Business Presence

Reflecting our love for red granite stones!

Fortune Stones Limited is north India's largest manufacturer and exporter of Red Granite Stones. With our incredible 25 years of experience, we strive to apply our knowledge to provide you with the finest possible & premium quality stones at competitive prices. Discover our wonderful pieces to satisfy your requirements. Grow with our business Internationally.

Our International Business at the Top

Our worldwide business strategy aims to establish a presence and leave a legacy in diverse parts of the globe. China, Vietnam, Singapore, Bulgaria, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia, among other global locations, receive most of our continual export supply. We manufacture and export the highest-rated blocks and slabs in a variety of sizes, from small blocks to Gangsaw. Short, Long, Mini gangsaw, and Gangsaw slabs are among the several other sizes available. We also provide the best and largest slab thickness options, ranging from 2cm to 10cm. Our first objective is to maintain long-term connections with our consumers. The majority of our customers have trusted us and gotten the best services for more than 15 years.

A Great Place for Domestic Markets

Fortune Stones, one of Northern India's largest manufacturers of red granite, concentrates on the export of red granite blocks and slabs while also supplying its ultimate Red Granite locally. We are continuously accountable for the increasing demand and endeavor to meet the targets. Our products enthrall local customers to meet their requirements.