Innovating the World with State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Transforming the globe with the Fortune Stones infrastructure in the most secure & safest way.

Extensive Quarry

Fortune Stones has acquired a lot of competence and possesses a fleet of emerging & modern equipment through its considerable experience in mining Red Granite worldwide. Our mines cover a total of 29.136 hectares of land, indicating that our products are of the greatest quality.

Our most up-to-date technology and our specialization in using powerful machines in our quarry environment promise to deliver the best. Having a large capacity and a long-term tenancy has also always ensured the most exemplary delivery. Importantly, any large project's requirements are met with our vast mines.

Efficient Capabilities

Our mines are located in Village Kathera, Chhatarpur, MP, and our inventory of sophisticated equipment includes:

  • Tata & Caterpillar excavator machines
  • Atlas Copco air compressor machines
  • Caterpillar Wheel loading machines
  • Sandvik Drilling machines
  • Jack Hammers
  • DG Sets
  • Cranes
  • Tippers
  • LD4 Machines
  • Diesel Machines
  • Water Tankers
  • Wire-saw Machines
  • Welding Machines
  • Heavy Loading Machines

Our cutting-edge machines and mines are fully capable of safe and rapid loading, quicker drilling, environmentally friendly operations, and much more.

Well-equipped Workshop

Fortune Stones has a perfectly functional workshop for machine maintenance, which includes welding and lathe equipment, among other things. Our concrete workshop has a better performance and operation with solid integrity and robust compressive properties.

Fortune Stones has an office building, a captive diesel pump, and accommodation for its on-site personnel. At our well-equipped workshops, all of the safety procedures with improved fire resistance are more familiar.

Automated Factory

Fortune Stones manufactures top-quality raw granite blocks in its own automated factory, which are then polished into polished slabs, articles, and tiles. Fortune Stones also emphasized the necessity of selecting the right size and design of granite to meet the changing needs of its global clientele.

Fortune Stones worked hard to adhere to all international rules and requirements in all of its activities, including extraction, cutting, and polishing. Following the norms, all automated machinery here boasts of delivering the optimum without any disruptions.

Fortune Stone's machinery had significant importance due to its high efficiency and upgraded facilities. We provide maximum customer satisfaction by meticulously checking all of our assets for 100% quality assurance.

Much-Needed Resources

We modernize our facilities by generating electricity using sustainable resources such as solar panels. Believing in going green, all the resources available are environment-friendly at FSL.

We have the greatest facilities comprising loading containers. FSL uses cranes to speed up loading. Photographs of the packaging and paperwork are shown here describing the utmost care for the environment.

The manufacturing unit is about 350 x 325 square feet in size. With this large-scale production facility, all of the commodities are of excellent quality, and they are exported worldwide.

Fortune uses the latest technologies & cutting-edge machines as equipment to cut, shape, and create slabs of different sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. Fortune provides faultless granite product manufacturing with its continuous power supply, which is supplemented by its Solar Plant at the facility.

The company also has completely automated numerous high-performance types of machinery like Multi Cutter machines, Single Cutter machines, automatic slab Line Polishing machines, automatic Resin Line, Epoxy machines, gantry cranes, and EOT Crane.

Prompt Delivery

We have extensive infrastructure, complete backward integration, and intimate proximity to our own quarry and processing unit. Following that, high-quality red granite blocks and slabs are mass-produced.

As a result, we can guarantee on-time delivery of all committed supplies. Our employees and executives strive for quick delivery and never fail to meet the needs of our clients.

High-Capacity Packing

We strive to package our red granite slabs and stones with the utmost care based on scalability, availability, originality, and creativity.
There is no damage to our packaging during shipment. We ship to our clients worldwide with complete security,
complete adaptability, perfectly designed, and many other factors

Assured Quality

Fortune Stones' principal business focus is the distribution of high-quality granite blocks and slabs without delay.
Fortune Red has a strong reputation for having a top-notch product with regards to colour, texture, spots, consistent crystals,
grain structures, and flowers, among other things.

Fortune Stones maintains a high level of quality control of manufactured components by evaluating items for flaws like scratches,
fissures, cracks, broken edges, chip edges, swirl marks, and other defects on a regular basis.

The company, as a pioneer, inspects the size and specifications of length, breadth, and thickness,
as well as the diagonal length and angle control, etc., with authorized tolerances.

Our quality control team verifies & guarantees that all Fortune goods are the same size, colour,
and finish and satisfy the buyer's expectations.

Fortune Stones furnish commercial, standard, and premium-grade materials. Our clients' delight and changing business expectations drive us to deliver it to them with the greatest quality.