Fortune Stones Limited

Topmost Producer of Red Granite

Fortune Stones Ltd. takes pride in being the joint venture MP State Mining Corporation Ltd., Bhopal (MPSMCL), a Government of India enterprises. We feel proud in sharing that we are among the largest producers of red granite in northern India and we care capable to meet the production target of over 60,000 cubic meters.

First-Class Export House

Fortune Stones is registered under the Indore Special Economic Zone, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, and is a one-star export house. We strive to optimize our clients' satisfaction by leveraging cooperation and innovative technology to the fullest extent.

A Glorious Journey of 25 Years

Over the last 25 years, we have continuously provided high-quality services to both international and domestic markets, allowing us to become a preferred option for our clients. Fortune Stones strives for the best level of client satisfaction by focusing on quality, on-time delivery, and continual development.

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Our Product Range

Refreshing Collection for a Brighter Shine!

We manufacture and export Red Granite in various colours, including a vivid and beautiful ruby red. We provide granite slabs, thick
slabs, quartzite tiles and slabs, and marble wall and floor tile collections custom-made to the client's needs. The vivid textures offer a
brighter shine to the application areas.

Fortune Red Cutter
Size Blocks

Fortune Red Mini Blocks

Fortune Red Gangsaw
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Long Slabs

Short Slabs

Project Size Slabs

Our Product Range

Application Areas

As a pioneer in composite stone products, Fortune Stones Limited closely oversees each step of the production process. Granite is
utilized in various external constructions, including buildings, kitchens, footpath, and landscaping. Our core strength granites can be
used across every home and building, from monuments to kitchen tops.

Granite Monuments

Granite Countertops & Vanities




Fortune Stones Limited proudly owns a contemporary equipment fleet with substantial red granite knowledge and cutting-edge technology. The Fortune Stone mines are expanded across a total of 29.136 hectares of land.

Our modern technology, which is available internationally, allows us to fulfil the growing demand for our products. We can constantly deliver high-quality material because of our enormous capacity and long-term lease.

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Our Results Say it all!


Cubic Meter
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Corporate Social Responsibility

FSL has consistently integrated business priorities with social obligations, focusing on need-based community welfare activities. Be it education, health or skill development, we cater to all. Our CSR initiatives strengthen institutional capacities and mobilize human and material resources.

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Education & Skill Development

Health, Nutrition & Sanitation

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